Summonable mobs in Minecraft

Sat Nov 26. 2022

Summonable mobs in Minecraft

Living entities in Minecraft are known as mobs. They can be found all over the world. There are many hostile mobs that will spawn wherever their light conditions allow. Some mobs provide useful items, making them an important part of the game.

When most mobs die, they drop an item as well as some experience points. Some mobs such as the sheep are worth killing, as they occasionally provide wool.

You can summon a few mobs by placing blocks in the right orientation. This is a list of all mobs players can summon in Minecraft survival mode.

Iron Golem

The iron golem, which is common in villages, is a neutral mob that you can summon using iron blocks. It can also be found in villages, where it protects villager from hostile mobs. An iron golem could also spawn in the cage, which sometimes produces next to pillager outposts.

Iron golems can drop iron ingots after their death. Because they are an efficient source of iron, many Minecrafters create iron golem farms.

Four iron blocks and a pumpkin or jack-o-lantern are required to summon an iron golem. Place the iron blocks in a T-shaped shape, then place the pumpkin on top.

Snow Golem

A passive mob called snow golem can be made using two snow blocks, a carved pumpkin, or a Jack-o'-lantern. This utility mob attacks hostile creatures using snowballs.

When a player puts snow blocks on top each other, and then adds a carved pumpkin to the top, he or she summons a snow golem.


Wither is a terrifying boss mob that has three heads. It can drop a nether star that can be used for crafting beacons. Players need to have four blocks of soul soil or soul sand blocks and three wither skulls in order to create a wither. You can get wither skulls by killing wither bones.

Place the soul soil blocks in an A-shape, and then place all three heads on top.

Ender Dragon

The Ender Dragon, like the Wither is also a boss mob. It can only spawn in one world. Players can defeat it and re-suspend it with end crystals. Players must place four end crystals on either side of the exit portal.

Baby mobs

The player can breed villager and other animals in Minecraft by giving them their favorite food choices. A baby mob is formed when two mobs mate. This mob eventually grows up to join its parent mob.