Pixelmon Server

Sun Dec 18. 2022

Pixelmon Server

Hey guys, I wanted to tell everyone about something very exciting that I have been working on with two close friends of mine but firstly let me tell you about myself.

My name is Steve I've been a passionate gamer for as longer as I can remember quite specifically very passionate for mine craft also and from a young age it was a dream of mine to one day run and own a pixelmon server for a long time I didn't have the funds or resources to do this or even have a pc however I recently invested in a pc and started streaming over on twitch and it's been going fantastic and I love more of you to come join the community we have going.

But even more exciting we now have an almost fully functional and working pixelmon server that when 100% complete I would love for some of you guys to come join me on and play on which I will then also be streaming the let's play.

More about the server so the server was to begin with a small project however with the amazing work of some friends of mine we now have many cities a spawn and one for every pokemon type with a gym to defeat along the way so their is a goal to playing the server their will be functioning land claims and many tournaments with pixelmon prizes for the winners and just again I would love for yous to come check it out.

Anyway Thank you to those of you that took the time to read this post and I hope you come join me when the server is complete!