Pillager or Elder guardian

Mon Dec 19. 2022

Pillager or Elder guardian

Minecraft is well-known for its huge number of features. The game's mechanics work well enough on their own. However, in-game assets and entities give players more content and allow for greater replayability. This aspect of the game is dominated by mobs.

Minecraft mobs have different defense and attack stats. Passive mobs such as chickens and pigs are weak and cannot defend themselves. However, hostile mobs such as the wither or guardians do a lot of damage and should not be ignored.

Comparison of the Elder Guardian and Pillager Patrol statistically in Minecraft

Introduction to the Elder Guardian and Pillager Patrol

Pillager Patrol is the name of a hostile group made up of pillagers. His band of pillars can be found near pillager outposts or during raids. A patrol unit usually has five pillagers, with the raid captain being one of them. A banner with a similar design to that of a vindicator is used by the raid captain.

The Elder Guardian is a hostile mob that can be extremely large and pose a threat to players and mobs in its vicinity. This is a stronger version of the “guardian”, which can only be found within an ocean monument.

The Elder Guardian mob may inflict the “Mining Fatigue status effect” on players, which causes them to attack and mine at a slower pace. This is the opposite to the “Haste effect”.

Which mob is more powerful?

Let's start with the Pillager Patrol. A pillager patrol is composed of 1-5 pillagers, as most players know. Pillagers are a hostile form of villagers and are often armed with crossbows. They can be found on top ravagers during raids as well as spawning close to pillar outposts.

Although pillager mobs are statistically weakest of all illager mobs they can be a formidable foe to face.

A pillager patrol consists of five pillagers. One pillager has a damage value between 1.5 and 2 hearts on easy difficulty. Players can expect the total damage to be between 7 and 10 hearts. This is possible if each pillager fires his arrow around the same time. Each pillager also has a total health of 24 points, or 12 hearts.

Let's now discuss the Elder Guardian. Three types of attacks are available to the Elder Guardian mob. The mob's laser weapon is used in the first attack. This laser weapon can deal with players on Hard difficulty at 12 health points and 6 hearts respectively.

Although this weapon is slow to charge, it does a lot of damage. This mob also has the ability to cause mining fatigue on players. This attack can render players virtually ineligible, and they won't be able fight back with their weapons.

The Elder Guardian's third weapon is a spike attack. This uses spikes that extend from the body. The spike attack acts in a similar way to Thorn's Enchantment. Every player who hits them is injured. On Hard difficulty, the spike attack can inflict maximum damage of 1.5 hearts.


Although it may seem that the Pillager Patrol might be stronger than the Elder Guardian mob, players need to remember the mining fatigue effect. Players have very little chance of defending themselves against the three attacks that the mob is using simultaneously. However, players can slow down the mining fatigue effect to reduce that possibility.

The pillager patrol can be defeated by Minecraft players if they have a shield and axe.