Minecraft streamer drama

Mon Dec 26. 2022

Minecraft streamer drama

Ranboo is one the most famous Minecraft streamers. Nearly four million YouTube subscribers, and three million followers on Twitter make Ranboo a household name. He still experiences social awkwardness from time to time, despite all his power.

Ranboo was at Twitch Rivals' and Streamer Bowl 3 events when he made one of the most embarrassing handshakes ever to grace the Internet.

Nearly everyone has had at least one embarrassing handshake experience. There is no way to avoid this, even the most popular Minecraft streamers. There are many types of greetings and handshakes that are commonly used, so it is not surprising that people misinterpret one.

Ranboo was having a great time with another attendee at the event. The awkwardness of the situation was compounded by the three-second pause that elapsed before the handshake took place.

Ranboo reached for his fist, which was clearly a fist, and did not have an open hand. While many people may have noticed it earlier and adjusted, this is not the case here.

Ranboo grabbed his hands tightly and reached for the other hand, but it didn't get any easier. It's a good idea to accept the discomfort when it happens.

There have been many reactions, some laughing at the misfortune of the Minecraft streamer. One person said that Ranboo would be a good friend.

Others consider it to be one of the most awkward and embarrassing handshakes ever made on the Internet.

Several simply shared their frustration with Ranboo's actions.

Ranboo is likely to think hard about giving a handshake in the future to strangers. Ranboo probably won't be able to go back to this experience and will likely slow down the next one to make sure he does it correctly.