Minecraft mushroom stew guide

Mon Jan 2. 2023

Minecraft mushroom stew guide

One of the most popular food options in Minecraft is mushroom stew. Because it requires crafting, it's not very common. However, food like salmon, steak, and pork chops are easy to prepare and do not require crafting.

Because they can be picked up, mushrooms are less common than potatoes, carrots and beetroot. Except for those who live near dark oak forests or in mushroom fields biomes, mushrooms aren't the most common resource in Minecraft.

Here are some ways to do it.

How to make a mushroom stew in Minecraft

It is possible to get mushroom stew straight from a mound of mooshrooms. This is a great way to get it (and one that has a lot more options). They are not common because mooshrooms only spawn in the biomes of mooshroom fields. Players can find a mushroom and bring it home to make their own mushroom stew.

To get it directly from the source, players may use an empty bowl to place on the mob. The bowl will be replaced with a bowl filled with mushroom stew. It's important that it's a bowl. Using a bucket to scoop out a mooshroom would result in a bucket full of milk, not the mushroom stew.

Crafting it is another way to achieve it. This may be easier than searching for a mooshroom. It's as easy as one red mushroom, one mushroom and one empty bowl. You can make bowls from three planks, but they are very common items to fish up in Minecraft.

One of these restores six Minecraft hunger point and gives you a hunger saturation level of 7.2. This is among the highest in the game. The player will be left with an empty bowl to continue making the mushroom. You can find mushrooms in mooshroom fields biomes underground and in dark oak forests. The stew requires both colors.