Minecraft dungeons : Whispering spear guide

Sun Jan 15. 2023

Minecraft dungeons : Whispering spear guide

The Whispering Spear, a unique melee weapon in Minecraft Dungeons is a variant on a standard spear. It has an impressive area for attack and retains average damage despite having low attack speed.

This weapon is difficult to find, because it requires heroes to complete Apocalypse difficulty under most circumstances in order to obtain it as loot. It is important to remember that loot drops are not always random in Minecraft Dungeons. This means that it will take some luck and determination to get the weapon. There are many other ways to get the spear.

Minecraft Dungeons – Where can I get the Whispering Spear

If you want to save your currency in Minecraft Dungeons, and get the Whispering Spear for loot, you will need to fight in certain areas and on higher difficulty settings. The weapon won't drop for heroes if it isn't. Below are the areas and difficulties that players must enter in order to obtain the Whispering Spear.

These areas are not the only ones that Minecraft Dungeons heroes have access to. After being unlocked, they can also consult Luxury, Piglin and Mystery merchants at their camp. These merchants will occasionally give the spear to players who are willing to pay for it. For transactions, Luxury and Mystery merchants will need emeralds, while Piglin merchants will need gold. This is more difficult to get on a regular basis.

The Whispering Spear is also available in Minecraft Dungeons' Ancient Hunts. A Pestilent Conjurer, a specific enemy, can drop a gilded version of four weapons upon defeating it. This includes unique variants like the Whispering Spear. The spear's drop is not guaranteed as the Pestilent conjurer can also drop heavy and scatter crossbows, as well as glaives. This mob can increase drop chances for heroes who are unable to obtain the Whispering Spear through other sources.

Whispering Spear's statistics in Minecraft Dungeons

The base stats of the Whispering Spear are a 6.6 power, 2.2 speed, and 9.2 attack area. The Whispering Spear, like many spears, is best used at close range to strike enemy mobs in Minecraft Dungeons. This allows the spear to take out all of the mobs and prevents them from taking physical damage. The Whispering Spear can be enchanted by Echo, which allows it to strike twice when necessary. This enchantment is limited to five seconds, so heroes can strike twice as often as they like with the spear.

While the spear is not the most powerful melee weapon in Minecraft Dungeons it is still an excellent tool for kiting bosses and other enemies.