Best Minecraft building servers…

Wed Jan 18. 2023

Best Minecraft building servers…

Over its 11-year-long existence, Minecraft has been a huge hit with gamers.

Minecraft is a block-based building platform that allows players to share their creations with other Minecrafters. Minecraft building servers are here to help.

Minecraft servers assign players plots of land. Players have easy access to a variety of decorative blocks and useful building mods such as WorldEdit to help them build what they want.

Minecraft servers are a great place to build together and collaborate on projects. So here goes Minecraft servers list for builders:

Purple Prison

Here is a unique hybrid server for prison mode building. It will help you get started and keep the list as diverse and fresh as possible.

You can quickly get your piece of land on this server by typing “/plot Auto” Once they have received a piece of land, players will be able to purchase any blocks through the server shop (purchased using in-game currency).

You can also add players to your plot and visit other plots to see their amazing builds.

Purple Prison was created with the goal of building from the ground up, while offering many other activities for players to enjoy.



Edawg878, a top Minecraft creative server, is well-suited for anyone looking for a great place for building, whether alone or with others.

All players can world edit the server by default. The server also features many in-game plugins. These plugins are designed to spice up gameplay by adding different gameplay dimensions to your server.

Edawg878 uses different plugins to add role-playing features to the server. Gamers can enjoy these elements after creating custom builds. The server also has plugins that allow custom player names and plugins that allow for marriage between players.


Builders Refuge

Builders Refuge is a high-quality Minecraft server for builders who are experienced. All building-related plugins are available on the server, including VoxelSniper as well as WorldEdit.

This server has a unique feature that allows players to download their creations from the builders refuge server. Their creations can not only be saved on the server, but can also be exported to a private world for single players.



Fadecloud is an online Minecraft network. It offers many popular game modes, such as skyblock, prison and factions. There's also a dedicated creative/building server.

Players can easily build and roleplay on the server with other players from all over the world. You can also admire the impressive builds of others on this server.


Creative Build Discovery

Creative Build Discovery is an innovative Minecraft building server. Administrators of the server have created a unique build sharing system that allows players to submit their builds and share them with others.

Players can rate one another's builds and assign points to the most impressive. These earned points can be used to rank up and unlock perks on the server.

This innovative idea adds a competitive edge to the Minecraft server building scene. This can help players quickly improve their building skills by allowing them to get feedback from other builders.