Amazing Minecraft servers for Minigames

Wed Jan 25. 2023

Amazing Minecraft servers for Minigames

Minecraft's community offers a large number of servers that players can enjoy.

Many servers are focused on minigames, but they still offer survival multiplayer, Bedwars and Skyblock, Factions PvP and many other features.

No matter what type of minigames a Minecraft player seeks, there is likely to be a server that suits their needs.

Below is a list of proven and tested minigame servers that players can use to get started.

Minecraft: Amazing minigame servers to play in 2022

1) Mythcraft (

Mythcraft, a server network for Minecraft players is rapidly growing and boasts a large player count.

The server network currently offers Hunger Games, Prison and Skywars game mode options as well as Factions, Skyblock, standard survival and even a Creative Mode Server.

Although it may not have as many minigames as other servers, the 1,000+ players ensure that Minecrafters will not be the only ones enjoying the minigames.

2) Minecraft Central (

Minecraft Central is home to over 1000 players on any given day. It's not too crowded and has a lot to offer. You can play minigames such as Ultra Hardcore and Survival Games, Spleef and Capture the Flag.

To ensure that everything runs smoothly, the dev team constantly adjusts and balances the minigames. There can be knockback or hit registration issues depending on the latency.

For players who are interested, there is a vibrant Discord community and forum.

3) Lemon Cloud (

Lemon Cloud's Minecraft Servers are around for more years than the bigger servers, even though the player count is not as high.

The staff manages a tight ship and ensures everything runs smoothly. You can play Parkour, Factions PvP and Prison here.

Although the server's focus is on survival and PvP, there are plenty of minigames that will keep players busy for quite some time.

4) BlocksMC (

Blocks MC is one the most entertaining Minecraft server when it comes down to minigames.

The game is primarily focused on minigame fun, with players able to play in multiple game modes. These mini-games include Skywars and Eggwars as well as Lucky Block, Lucky Block, Lucky Block, Murder Mystery Block Party, TNT Tag, Lucky Block, Lucky Block, Lucky Block and many more.

This server is a great place for beginners to learn minigames in an informal environment.

5) Jartex Network (

Jartex Network may not be the most active Minecraft server, but it is a great place for learning PvP-oriented minigames. This server is focused on Skywars and Bedwars as well as The Bridge.

It is not the largest collection of minigames. These minigames are more appealing to PvPers, who may find them less boring when they know that Skywars players who are Parkour or Spleef aren't dipping into Skywars.

Jartex Network may not be for everyone, but it is worth checking out.

6) Purple Prison (

Purple Prison, one of the longest-running community servers, is most well-known for its unique and alien-themed Prison gameplay. You can also play minigames, such as some very unique and challenging parkour routes. You can also choose from Dropper, mazes and Sumo.

Purple Prison is a server that has been around for over a decade. It's as easy as copying and pasting the IP address of Purple Prison into your multiplayer menu to discover why.

7) Cubecraft (

Cubecraft is one of the featured server partners and has the uptime, fun gameplay, and approval from Mojang.

Cubecraft offers minigames such as Lucky Island, Tower Defense and Eggwars. Players don't have to worry about compatibility because it supports both Java editions and Bedrock editions.

Cubecraft's community has remained vibrant and engaged despite all these advantages.

8) OPBlocks (

OPBlocks, a candy-themed server has been around for many years and hosts a large and welcoming community.

OPBlocks offers minigames like Sumo, Maze, Find the Button and King of the Hill.

While the staff are committed to crackingdown on toxic players, the community has remained friendly and supportive of any new players who may need it.

This makes the server a great place to relax and enjoy minigames, without having to feel obligated or hateful.

9) Craftrise (

Craftrise, a server from Turkey, is full of minigames. You can play Eggwars and Skywars as well as Ultimate Hardcore, TNT Runs, Bomb Lobbers (Herobrine Chamber), Dragon Escape, Bedwars and The Bridge.

It's hard to find a better place for players to play a variety minigames. It is important to note that some players may experience latency issues due to the server's IP.

Craftrise is a great option for players who want to play minigames.

10) Hypixel (

Hypixel is the most loved server in the community, and with good reason. This server offers everything players need, including Survival, Skyblock and PvP.

You can play minigames such as Murder Mystery, Build battle, Skywars and Duels, Duels and Smash Heroes, Cops and Cris, Ultra Hardcore and the TNT Games.